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Secret Service fails to take a shoe for W?

I always enjoy when rank amateurs want to act like experts in fields they know nothing about (ed. like your journalizing?). Yes, like that. ABC's Ann Compton, noted expert in dignitary protection opines on the tactics, or lack there of, employed by the Secret Service during W's brush with death.

At the press conference, the head of the president's security detail scrambled to the lectern but not until the second shoe had been thrown. President Bush motioned to the agent to standby, declining to be hustled out of the room. At least five other American agents pour in from that exit behind the President, three took positions directly infront of the President, and other agents rushed into the midst of the seated reporters. No visible weapons were drawn, which seems to show unusual restraint, since agents are trained to assume that any assault is part of a broader attack by not one but several assailants.

At headquarters, it is a given that video will be reviewed over and over again, and become part of the Secret Service training -- on what NOT to do.

Absolutely correct Ann, what they should have done was ignore the fact that everyone in the room had been searched, metal detected and probably sniffed for explosives. Then as soon as this sorry fool starts flinging his loafers they should have barrelled over all the other journos, who were already kicking the guy's ass, and beat the bastard down like they were some freakin' rapper's posse. "Spread eagle beeyotch!" Yeah there is an image you want running on every Arab TV channel. Jack-booted thugs pummel dissident journalist.

Now actually given the Arab "Big Man" style of leadership, that is what they all expected and now they cheer the triumphant douchebag. I must assume that is what Ann was thinking. How dare the Secret Service allow W to lose face like that. They should have frog-marched him out of there in shackles beating him with truncheons on their way to some quality time in a dungeon before a quick dip in an industrial shredder.

Oh wait.