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OMG, the black choppers are circling!

I think we may have found something nuttahs on both the left and right can get together on. Active Duty US troops running rampant all over the country oppressing whack jobs everywhere and derailing their cunning plans. The mini-leak of military plans to have specific units identified and trained to react to a nuke attack on the US of any flavor has caused the usual ruckus. It is a completely common sense contingency and I am surprised some sort of hold over from the Cold War hasn't survived. But any talk of the military on US soil must cause freak outs on both wings of our body politic.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the libertarian Cato Institute are troubled by what they consider an expansion of executive authority.

Domestic emergency deployment may be "just the first example of a series of expansions in presidential and military authority," or even an increase in domestic surveillance, said Anna Christensen of the ACLU's National Security Project. And Cato Vice President Gene Healy warned of "a creeping militarization" of homeland security.

"There's a notion that whenever there's an important problem, that the thing to do is to call in the boys in green," Healy said, "and that's at odds with our long-standing tradition of being wary of the use of standing armies to keep the peace."

McHale stressed that the response units will be subject to the act, that only 8 percent of their personnel will be responsible for security and that their duties will be to protect the force, not other law enforcement. For decades, the military has assigned larger units to respond to civil disturbances, such as during the Los Angeles riot in 1992.

As far as our long-standing tradition of not using standing armies to keep the peace, who the hell even suggested that. This is about responding to a devastating attack on us at home by someone capable of inflicting mass casualties. The military's role is to help overwhelmed civilian authorities restore security and medical care. The idea that this is simply using a standing army to keep the normal peace, a la shutting down moonbat demonstrations, is being willfully overboard. This is the proper job of our most capable forces and while it will never be their primary mission it should definitely be one of them.

Of course the military should have a plan for if al Qaeda or even Canadia decided to blow up one of our cities. They are updating those plans and in the wake of Mumbai it seems childishly naive to immediately oppose these tasks. Obviously there are concerns about how far the active duty troops go in doing anything in the US, but this is something the military would be negligent to ignore.

So lighten up neo-Nazi douches, chill out lefty DouChe's. As long as you don't get into the mass-casualty, bombing biz, you only have the FBI and HLS and ATF and the IRS to worry about.