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Palestinians failed democracy- A plan for Obama

Obama & his media allies- A good thing maybe?

There is both a good and a bad side to the media's fawning lovefest with Obama. The downside (for me) was evident in the uber-cool reference to Barry's backwards hat. We had plenty of commenters take me to task for caring about it. I still believe that a man coming into such an important office with a resume as wafer-thin as his on national security and foreign affairs might want to attempt to look like something more than a frat boy. It shows a lack of seriousness and reinforces the idea that he believes he is cool enough to charm everyone into agreeing with him. Well even Barney Frank has disabused him of that notion, so I think it's time to put on a shirt and some big boy pants and start acting like he'll be President in three weeks.

The up side is that President Obama will not have to fight both our enemies and the press to anywhere near the extent President Bush did. The media were as completely invested in defeat in Iraq as the MoveOn left was and I think it is entirely fair to say they deserve some of the blame for the difficulty winning the Iraq War. They kept morale at home artificially low and they gave our enemies there hope that the cut & run crew would prevail. Aid and comfort? Probably not in the classic definition, but they certainly gave them hope. Their conduct since the 2000 election has been to hold not just an adversarial relationship with the Bush administration, but one actively undermining the efforts of our duly elected government. Heck even the NYT eventually admitted that Bush won after they counted the ballots, but their paper continually leaked classified information adn sought to handcuff the President's ability to prosecute the war in Iraq and around the world.

Well the press is so head over heels over Obama that they may actually act as an ally in our efforts to make the world a better place. The question is how soon will they begin to bail if he doesn't begin veering leftward. He has a ton of good will to use initially, and if the media act in a supporting role it amplifies his message-making ability tremendously. The problem is that any logical moves in the foreign policy arena for an American President rarely jibe with the progressive appeasement mentality of the press herd. This will be doubly tough given the current Israeli-Palestinian battles. The media overwhelmingly support the poor terrorists in Gaza and Obama has said and his mouthpiece Axelrod confirmed, he supports Israel's right to lay some wood on them. This will be a good test to see if they will stay on board with him if he toes America's line rather than theirs.