My Obama prediction for 2011- Afghanistan pull out
New Years Dead Tangos

New Years Live Post

Only because it is so perfectly painful, Kathy Griffin is abusing Anderson Cooper on CNN. I mean totally making sure she will never be on CNN again, but guaranteeing she will get much more interesting gigs. I have a little experience with that when a chump CNN guy asked me why the insurgents were doing better than us in the propaganda war. I had to tell him, well I didn't have to, but I reminded him CNN showed insurgent snipers killing our troops on their network. They showed AQ's footage and then when CNN broadcast it, AQ reposted it with the CNN logo on it. You can see while he asks me the question, I laugh as I decide I would rather take the shot than be on CNN again. I took the shot and so has Kathy tonight. She is known for her gay friendliness, but AC360 is not feeling it tonight and he wants her dead, but they are live. Heh. Here is my last bit on CNN, always take the shot. Happy New Years everyone. Oh and yes I am totally hot for Kathy, I know she is anti-religion, I'm not but if you can get in touch with her let her know.