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FoxxyNews Says "Happy Holidays and Thank You to the Troops!"

My Christmas Eve in Fort Myers Childrens Hospital

Late afternoon yesterday on Christmas Eve, while playing on beach, my four year old daughter, PinkFive, accidentally scratched her eye with a piece of drift wood that she picked up.

Thanks to the great GREAT staff at Fort Myers Childrens Hospital she is okay.  BIG scratch (and her eye was full of pieces of the driftwood stick), and she's a bit grumpy today, but she'll be just fine. 

While PinkFive was being treated, Santa Claus was there to visit all the little kids in the hospital.  PinkFive got a special visit, in fact Santa helped get PinkFive to let the nurse practitioner look into her eye.  PinkFive was very brave.  Santa brought a sack with gifts for the kids and PinkFive made out like a bandit.  Little BlackFive was jealous that his little sister was going to get more toys than him this year...

So, today we are celebrating Christmas and I think that Mrs. Blackfive and I are espcecially grateful for PinkFive and Little BlackFive, not to mention the staff at Fort Myers Childrens Hospital.  Better gifts, no one could ever recieve.

Merry Christmas, everyone!