Mission: Restore Peace to the Tomb of Jonah
Operation Toy Drop - Earning Irish Jump Wings While Helping a Great Cause!

ITC Radio today 1-3pm Eastern

We will be talking with Gabe Ledeen, Marine CAPT and Iraq war vet.

We will be discussing the recent Iranian moves of troops and missiles into Eritrea.This is exceptionally bad news as a quick look at the map will show. Eritrea stretches to the very tip where the Red Sea meets the Aden Sea.

The indictments of the Blackwater guards. Here is the defense blog with their documents. I don't see any chance of this going to trial.

Shinseki for VA.

1-3 eastern from Radio America studios David Bellavia and I will be broadcasting live via PalTalk. Sign up for a free account and you can watch us on webcam and argue in the chat room.