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What a Difference A Year Makes: Christmas In Iraq

Dead Tangos in Palestine

They have never accepted the existence of Israel. They teach hateful, racist propaganda to school kids ensuring the next generation keeps up the slaughter. They have launched hundreds of rockets during a "cease fire" which now has lapsed. The Israelis kept weapons tight until the official "cease fire" ended.

Now they are making piles of dead tangos and I say Bravo! The Palestinians are an artificial creation of the hard liners who decided they didn't want the Jooos in their neighborhood. There is no question both groups have historical claims to the area but when the UN made a compromise, the Israelis were attacked multiple times by their Arab neighbors. They kicked the crap out of these vaunted Arab armies. They have created a stable, liberal democracy and even allow Israeli Arabs to serve in Parliament.

The Palestinians have murdered innocents wholesale and threatened to push all the Israelis into the sea and claim all the land. They have spent countless billions of other peoples dollars to train terrorists and let their own people starve. they are reprehensible and only marginally civilized. They can learn to live like decent human beings or they can die and be stacked like cord wood.