US Navy On Patrol
5 Years after Saddam's capture (video from Iraq)

A Quick Thank You

This Saturday morning, I want to thank a for-now anonymous benefactor who is making possible a wonderful Christmas present for me: the renewal of my insurance policy for embeds. I know some, including some here, don't think much of me or my embed reporting. Others do, and I thank you too for helping make those past possible, and -- I hope *G* -- some in the future possible. To those who are providing future corporate sponsorship of embeds from Blackfive, my thanks too. I also want to thank Michael Yon once again for his help in securing my insurance, for when other sources dropped out, you stepped up.

Without you -- individuals, groups, and companies -- none of our embeds and domestic activities for and with the troops would be possible. While some see politics as ruling the day, be assured that we have not forgotten our mission and you make it possible for us to do that mission.

Thank you all.