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A leaker identified- Flogging or hanging?

We now have the name of someone who almost certainly broke a number of laws to salve his own spineless conscience. I vote for flogging then hanging, but I'm a little touchy about national security. You decide what the cost ought to be.

When the New York Times published its investigation of the NSA’s warrantless wiretap program, the paper ignored President Bush’s request to hold off on revealing details of the secret program. In an Oval Office meeting, Bush gave the following message to Executive Editor Bill Keller: “You’ll have blood on your hands.”...But now, one of them has come forward. Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff gets former Justice Department lawyer Thomas Tamm to open up for the first time, explaining why he blew the whistle, in the magazine’s 5,600-word cover story. (The Times reporters don't comment on whether he's a source).

When he went to make the call to the Times, Tamm said, "My whole body was shaking." Tamm described himself to Lichtblau as a "former" Justice employee and called himself "Mark," his middle name. He said he had some information that was best discussed in person. He and Lichtblau arranged to meet for coffee at Olsson's, a now shuttered bookstore near the Justice Department. After Tamm hung up the phone, he was struck by the consequences of what he had just done. "Oh, my God," he thought. "I can't talk to anybody about this." An even more terrifying question ran through his mind. He thought back to his days at the capital-case squad and wondered if disclosing information about a classified program could earn him the death penalty.

Sure buddy, why not? I mean you decided your desire to take down W and his Crime family was more important than honoring oaths you had taken. You could have gone to the Inspector General and reported what you thought was going on, but no that might not have been enough for you. So you broke the law and you should go down. I am certain the Obama administration will diligently pursue this scumbag and the rest of those who sell state secrets to the media.