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December 2008

New Years Live Post

Only because it is so perfectly painful, Kathy Griffin is abusing Anderson Cooper on CNN. I mean totally making sure she will never be on CNN again, but guaranteeing she will get much more interesting gigs. I have a little experience with that when a chump CNN guy asked me why the insurgents were doing better than us in the propaganda war. I had to tell him, well I didn't have to, but I reminded him CNN showed insurgent snipers killing our troops on their network. They showed AQ's footage and then when CNN broadcast it, AQ reposted it with the CNN logo on it. You can see while he asks me the question, I laugh as I decide I would rather take the shot than be on CNN again. I took the shot and so has Kathy tonight. She is known for her gay friendliness, but AC360 is not feeling it tonight and he wants her dead, but they are live. Heh. Here is my last bit on CNN, always take the shot. Happy New Years everyone. Oh and yes I am totally hot for Kathy, I know she is anti-religion, I'm not but if you can get in touch with her let her know.

My Obama prediction for 2011- Afghanistan pull out

I am making this prediction because I believe it will happen. Barack Obama has declared Afghanistan to be the good war and Iraq the bad one. He attempted to lose Iraq with steady calls of cut & run. He has no rationale for why Iraq was bad but Afghanistan was good. We were fighting AQ in both places when he entered the Senate, and his calls for retreat and defeat happened when Al Qaeda had declared Mesopotamia their central front and sent all their potential martyrs and resources there. At this pivotal time he was making exactly the wrong assessments and if we had followed his advice AQ and Iran would be divvying up stakes in the first conquest of the New Caliphate. His calls for "ending" (read losing) the Iraq war had everything to do with politics and nothing to do with strategy as I have outlined. His calls for reinforcing Afghanistan are equally political in nature and I believe were designed to inoculate him against charges of pacifism and an outright stance against war.

So, I believe he will surge troops into Afghanistan and allow General Petraeus to implement a new strategy in Afghanistan, and then....

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Hitchens punks Maher and his audience of chimps

Bill Maher last said something funny 8+ years ago. Like far too may he is affected with Bush derangement Syndrome and unable to go 5 minutes without making a Bush is stupid joke. Similar to Jon Stewart saying "heh heh heh" whenever he mentions W. Hitchens slaps Maher and flips the audience off for their lame-ass, lowest common denominator, non-comedy. Two birds and several F-bombs. Hitch is still a beauty.

Iranian Troublemaking- Gaza & beyond

TEHERAN Hundreds of Iranian radicals stormed the British compound in Tehran last night, replacing the Union flag with a Palestinian one in protest against Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

British officials will be assessing whether the security breach, unprecedented in recent years, was an isolated incident or presages further violent demonstrations.

A hardline Iranian news agency said that protests against Britain and Egypt, whose embassy was also targeted, would continue.

Hardline Iranian students have often staged noisy protests outside the British embassy in Tehran, hurling stones and petrol bombs at the building, but Tuesday night’s incident was the first time in decades that they have breached diplomatic territory. 

Does anyone have a disturbing sense of deja vu? One of the biggest factors in my joining the Army, after my 5 incompletes at the UW my freshman semester, was the tremendous shame I felt during Jimmah Cahtah's sad reign. Malaise, Inflation, sky-rocketing interest rates, and worst of all 444 days of fecklessness after the Iranians invaded sovereign US soil and kidnapped our diplomats.

The Foreign Office confirmed Iranian media reports that demonstrators had “trespassed” onto the compound at Gulhak but said the situation had been resolved swiftly and all embassy staff were safe. Iranian police were reported to have intervened quickly to eject the radicals.

Does anyone think they were not allowed to do this by the same Iranian police, and when they feel it is timely they will go even further. The Iranians and their nuke programs were front and center in the minds of most Middle Eastern experts. Cue Michael Ledeen.

Israeli leaders say they want to bring an end to the rocket and missile attacks from Gaza.  But, as opposition leader Netanyahu said, that can’t be done without regime change.

    Our goal should be twofold - stopping the attacks on our cities and eliminating the threat of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip…Stopping the attacks can be done within a short period of time, while eliminating the threat of rocket attacks from Gaza will entail toppling the Hamas rule over the Strip and uprooting the Iranian base there.

The last five words are key, because, as others have said, this is one more battle in the terror war in which we have been engaged since 2001.  The Battle of Gaza cannot be understood as a thing in itself, but only as part of a broader whole:  the war against the terror masters.  And Iran is the most lethal, the most dangerous, and the most aggressive terror master in the world today.

Like the global totalitarian movements and regimes that threatened Western civilization in the last century, the Iranians come with a messianic ideology that admits no compromise with its enemies.  This war will only end with a winner and a loser, not with two contented negotiators.  We can win this war–we’ve delivered a stunning defeat to Iran and her proxies in Iraq, for example–and our most powerful weapons are political, not military.  Had we taken the war to Tehran, the terror forces in Gaza would, at a minimum, be a lot weaker today, as they would be in Afghanistan and Lebanon.  But we continue to dither, and the new American leaders are fooling themselves when they say that vigorous diplomacy can induce the mullahs to retreat.  It won’t happen, any more than the Israelis got the terrorists to retreat from all-out war against the Jews when the Oslo Agreement was signed, or when Rabin shook hands with Arafat.  It only delayed the days of reckoning, at the cost of many lives, mostly of innocents, on both sides.

I can't agree that taking the war to Teheran would have been the right move. I don't think we have any where near the will as a country for another land war, that could be much bloodier than the ones we already have. Plus we would risk alienating the Iranian populace which, although beaten down by the Mullahs, is not as radically Islamized as the theocrats. Many look longingly back to the days under the Shah when Iran was a secular, liberal place. We must enable them to throw off the religious yoke and reclaim their country. That is a job for the CIA and Special Ops. We must support student groups that oppose the regime and empower women's and secular organizations, or help create them.

A President Obama should greatly increase our human intelligence and guerrilla warfare capabilities since there need to be activities behind the scenes in support of our military and diplomatic efforts, not just in Iran, but everywhere.

Pakistanis take action to secure US supply route

There have been a number of attacks on our main supply route from Pakistan into Afghanistan and the equipment we ship. There have been some redeployments of troops away from the Afghan/Pakistan border to deal with perceived threats from India. It is good to see this this type of decisive action being taken.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Dec. 30 -- Pakistan's military launched a major offensive Tuesday in the northwestern tribal region known as Khyber Agency, temporarily closing a key route used to supply U.S. and allied forces battling insurgents in neighboring Afghanistan.

Pakistani army and paramilitary troops backed by tanks, helicopter gunships and artillery units targeted the Taliban fighters involved in a recent string of attacks on vehicles carrying supplies for NATO and U.S. forces that pass through Khyber Agency and the nearby city of Peshawar

Feel free to kick the crap out of any of these clowns regularly guys. Muchas Gracias.

Iraqis in America protest against shoe-thrower

LTC Joe Repya points out something the Bush-hating media didn't find worthy of mention.

Ali told us of massive demonstrations in the streets of Dearborn following the shoe throwing incident in Baghdad. Unfortunately, we never saw reports in the main stream media about these demonstrations. Why? Because these demonstrators were showing support for President Bush.

Palestinian Protest at State Department (video)

There was a protest at the US State Department today sponsored by ANSWER and attended by about 750 keffiyeh-wearing Palestinian supporters. It was obviously a one-sided hate fest on Israel and they were shameless enough to chant "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free". That is a direct reference to the destruction of the state of Israel. There was no hesitation when the chant was taken up, and that ought to tell you all you need to know about their intentions. TSO and Jonn from This Ain't Hell were there and TSO helped out with some camera work. Jonn's post on the event is here, w/ excellent pics and vids as always.

My video piece is here
, I would embed it but the chimps at YouTube seem unable to compress and stream it decently although I use the exact settings they recommend. Watch it in High Quality there and if it pops up later with decent quality I will embed it here. Aggregate your fecal matter YouTube. Found a hack so here it is.

"I Shall Not Leave My Post...''

UPDATE:  I guess I should read our own archives:  Matt sends me a reminder that their heroic deeds first appeared here back in May; take a look at the story here.

2 Marines are now due the Navy Cross for their actions in Ramadi-

Cpl. Jonathan Yale and Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter saved Iraqi police and fellow Marines from a truck-driving suicide bomber, Marine brass say. The April attack could have slain dozens.

For refusing to yield their ground against a truck described as 'exactly like the Beruit bombing truck'' these two were nominated by Maj Gen John Kelly to receive the second-highest award for valor for Marines.  Gen Kelly investigated this action himself.  That is quite rare for a general officer to do.

Read the entire story here, at the (surprise, surprise!) LA Times.

God rest your souls, gentlemen.  Honor is yours.

h/t Neptunus Lex via ACE.




Infantrymen, your counsel is requested:


DEAR A-10 Warthog: I'm so confused. I was seeing this guy, "Stan," for almost three years. Then he joined the Navy. Before he left, he told me not to wait for him, so we broke up.
Several months later, I began dating "Ollie." Things were getting serious, and I discovered I was pregnant. When I told Ollie about the baby, he dumped me.

Meanwhile, Stan came home on leave. He told me he loved me, and asked me to wait for him to finish his training, and then we would be together again. About a month later I suffered a miscarriage.

Not long after that, Ollie came to see me and I told him I had lost the baby. He told me he knew he had been wrong to leave me when he found out I was pregnant, and said he wanted us to get back together.

I am deeply in love with Stan, however, he's not here and Ollie is -- and frankly, I care for him, too. -- NEEDS AN ANSWER IN VIRGINIA

As always, your advice in the comments below, please.

-- Uber Pig

Palestinians failed democracy- A plan for Obama

I think it is clear that while supporting democracy around the world is a noble idea, there are people and states who are simply unable to make good choices for themselves. The Palestinians have just proven that. There have been plenty of democratically elected tyrannies that have been overthrown, many by us and the Hamas Terror administration should be next on the list. There is an election coming up there and I believe all would be better served if it was called off and Fatah re-installed as the government. Israel should continue it's efforts to destroy Hamas and to minimize their ability to cause trouble, but the kinetic operations cannot change the situation to a positive, they can only stop what was an untenable one for the Israelis.

I believe Obama should go ask some of those new buddies of his in Old Europe and the UN to declare Fatah the government and to start a new round of talks. Now I know, I know this has all been done before, but as I said in my previous piece the press is on board with Obama and that helps a lot. There are a couple of things that must be completely off the table for any chance of peace. The first is the mythical "right of return" for refugees. When the UN carved two states out of Jordan for the Jews and the Jordanian Arabs, there was immediate conflict and eventually all the neighboring Arab states banded together and took their first shot at throwing the Jooos in the ocean. They told the Arabs living in what was now Israel and parts of Palestine to leave and avoid the war, then they could "return" and claim all the land from the river to the sea. It didn't quite work out that way and the Arabs got their asses kicked in '48, then again in '56, '67 and '73. These people cleared out with the idea that their friends would kick the Israelis out and they could have it all, well your side lost and with it lost the "right of return". In addition the wall the Israelis built has been the most effective terror prevention tool pretty much in history and will have to become part of the final border. This must lead to Israeli land concessions in less strategic areas and removal of any settlements not on the Israeli side of the wall.

The elements of Palestinian society that support Hamas are not going to accept any deal that leaves Israel intact, so the world community must impose it on them and be prepared to help Fatah and Israel enforce it. I have absolutely no problem with Obama fixing the Middle East, so feel free to borrow my cunning plan.