Exercise Your Franchise: Go Vote
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Voting Issues

There are lots of interesting races today, and, aside from watching Captain Landslide vs. McPalin, we should catch the Bill Russell vs. John "Lummox" Murtha race.

I voted today.  Computerized voting was not working at 0700 today so I had a paper ballot (no punches=no hanging chads).  Laughing Wolf is right.  If you don't vote, don't bitch about the next president.

I'm almost to work I noticed that there more helicopters in the air over Grant Park than I had ever seen (World Cup, Taste of Chicago after 9/11, etc.).  All access to the park from Michigan Avenue is blocked by the Secret Service.  I can see the tents from building.  It's quite the set up.

I really hope it's peaceful - win or lose - and I'm sure that Senator Obama wants the same.  (Of course, our mayor invited everyone to the party so that isn't going to help).  I think there's two concerns - radical extremists targeting Senator Obama and idiotic revellers or rioters (we have both kinds).  Police are everywhere.

I heard on CBS radio this morning that one of the biggest reasons for a high turnout in New Orleans today is "the war in Iraq".  Wow, that's stupid.  We won.  Move on (literally).  But one party continues to play politics with our soldiers and even had it's candidate ask the Iraqi government to withhold withdrawals until the next President is sworn in.

The other interesting aspect is that almost all of my friends from other countries - England, Scotland, Australia, Germany - all the ones working here in Chicago are pulling for Obama.  None of them can vote in this election yet my inbox is full of messages about support for our Senator.  I get a bit irritated being lectured to by people who have hardly even had racial minorities represented in their governments (one reason cited for support) or by people who have no clue about what they are talking about ("hope" is not a plan) or, especially, by people who don't have a vote in this election.  If you love Obama, you  should have become an American and then voted for him.  Either that or fix your own country.

When this is all over tonight or tomorrow, we'll have to come together to figure out how to win in Afghanistan, fix the economy, secure energy indepence, etc.  No matter what happens, Obama or McCain will still be in the Senate. 

Worries?  I do worry about nationalized healthcare from the standpoint of innovation, quality and access.  First, what large system has the federal government ever taken over and made better?  Second, if the government could get military healthcare to work well, maybe, just maybe, I'd buy into the idea.

I am concerned about defense spending - military innovations and technology, pay, equipment, etc.

Go vote.