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VALOUR-IT: Thanking Veterans And Go Army!

Fair warning, this post is going to be going up every day until the competition is over. Things are off to a fairly good start, and efforts are underway to make it even better.

Why should you do this? How about:

Your average wounded troop upon waking up in LRMC or Walter Reed, or BAMC wants to do one thing: communicate. They want to let the guys know they are okay and are coming back no matter what; they want to let their spouse know that they are okay; and, they want to let friends know they are okay. When you are wounded, particularly when the wounds involve or affect your hands, that is just about impossible.

VALOUR-IT gives them that opportunity. It lets them begin not just adapting, but accomplishing things for themselves. Right now, we have a waiting list for these laptops, so your donation, be it $1.00 or more, will make a difference in a life. How often do you get the chance to know that you did that?

You can donate to Team Army using the button above, or you support one of the other services via this page. Go Team Army, and most of all, go VALOUR-IT.

UPDATE: Yesterday, I mentioned a little birdie. Well, this morning I can tell you that a signed first edition copy of Slanted Jack by Mark L. Van Name (see here, here, here, and here) will be going up for auction either this weekend or early next week. I can also say that at least one John Ringo book will go up at the same time. Stay tuned and pour it on.