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US & India seal security pact

w/ Pakistan.

Not for real, but we ought to be deep in discussions.

The United States and India announced that an agreement has been reached w/ Pakistan that allows virtually unlimited offensive operations in the Kashmir and Waziristan regions. Pakistan will assume the  Captain Renault: I'm shocked, shocked to find that dead tango making is going on here!

The US and Indian forces will conduct combined operations sweeping into Kashmir as well as the tribal regions of Waziristan. They will focus on vaporizing the training camps and related support camps, for you who haven't been paying attention that means anybody cooking or cleaning for these murderous swine.

The emphasis will initially be of a "rubble doesn't make trouble" variety as known camps and villages will simply be leveled. After a month or so of this they will switch to dropping leaflets and chow. The leaflets will explain that we have many, many more bombs and if they want to have us drop the food instead, they need to talk to the radicals. They know who these guys are and they can either start a Hindu Kush Awakening, or we can do the one thing we are really good at. Blowing S**t Up!