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Apparently, the Obama-elect administration is going to meet with the Iraq Veterans Against the War.  Now, while there may be one or two decent and well-intentioned folk among them, as whole, they generally are charlatans and liars (hence their dire need to testify to Congress NOT under oath).

TSO at This Ain't Hell is all over them.

Here's one of their posters.  "Send McCain back to his cage in Hanoi"


Mad as hell, are you?

Me too.

So why in the !@#$ing @#$% sweet @#$%Ing @#%% is President-Elect Obama considering meeting with these folks who have been collosally incorrect in their judgement and found completely lacking in character and honesty?

More at This Ain't Hell...But You Can See It From Here.  Go and read the whole piece about IVAW...