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A plan for an Afghan Surge

The astounding naivete of David Ignatius

I know that Op-Ed columnists aren't supposed to be taken seriously, but today David Ignatius drops a mind-numbingly, wooly-headed, child-like look at the Israeli-Palestinian problem and decides the Obama can snap his fingers, twitch his nose and voila'.

So here's the challenge for Obama: Seize the moment; "turn a page" and thereby transform the intellectual battlefield; keep the military pressure on al-Qaeda's hard core, but discard the "war on terrorism" rhetoric; remind the world that al-Qaeda's victims have been overwhelmingly Muslim and that its brutal jihad has brought only ruin.

And while you're at it, Mr. President-elect, fix the global economy, which is feeding the dream of those men hiding in the caves of Waziristan that the foundations of the West are crumbling and that they can still win.

Damn that sounds easy, just "turn a page" and wipe out thousands of years of religious hatred. Just gaze upon the lands OBAMA and they will heal under your gaze. Oh and fix the global economy because the only reason anyone hates us is that we have Play Stations and they are eating steam soup. What a freakin' maroon. Our economy is fine and has been fine and there are Korans full of reasons those bastards think they can and have to beat us you simpleton. I relish the thought of The Obama and his legions of do-gooders waving wands and healing the planet. Clowns.