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RangerUp Says Thanks to B5 Readers with 25% off coupon

Sup, infantrymen. I'll be posting another Ask an Infantryman question as soon as I get a break from my own startup machinations, but I have to get some important information out. Nick from RangerUp has set it up so that anyone who enters the coupon code BLACKFIVE from now until 1 December, gets 25% off their order. As you may know, the t-shirt business is extremely competitive, and the margins are low, so I asked him if he really thought discounts were a good idea. He replied:

Blackfive put us on the map. accounts for only a small portion of our sales now, but before Blackfive, we were swimming in obsolescence.

We really appreciate the support. Yes, we pay to be on BMF5, but Matt and Jimbo have been very good to us.

So there you have it. If you're looking for cool pre-kwanzaa schwag, click the RangerUp banner at the side bar and hook one of your brothers up.

-- Uber Pig