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Mumbai Masterminds? Not Necessarily

Odds are that Pakistani Intelligence was involved in these attacks. I am arguing that this was not that complicated and could have been done by any reasonably bright wannabe terrorist, and the breathless accounts of cadres of highly-trained terror squads may be a bit over-blown.

"They were firing from their hips. Very professional. Very cool," says D'Souza, the newspaper's photo editor.

I hate to bust your bubble, but shooting from the hip is the perfect sign they were not professionals. It is inherently inaccurate, and also makes you very likely to shoot over people's heads as the muzzle climbs. Pros of any flavor, or even marginally trained chimps would be firing from the shoulder. Remember again that other than the police station most of these were soft targets and they were simply walking around spraying rounds and tossing grenades. Once again not much more than chimps with an evil purpose.

Podcast of Masterminds video is here.

I stated initially that the attacks in Mumbai were not actually as sophisticated as the analysis seems to be stating. They get an A+ for effectiveness and pure ballsiness, but I still maintain they do not represent evidence of any major expertise. Once a decision to commit terror is made, the actual function is pretty easy. They have an inherent advantage since free societies can't secure everything or even most things, and have no rules to obey. Add in the willingness to die in the act and you have a nearly impossible event to prevent.

Sadly this represents a clear danger for us, and one we can only hope our armed citizens could help prevent. But as many folks have pointed out, that puts a bullseye on the areas where the government has disarmed the populace. I read the Constitution in English and so as per the Second Amendment I recognize no government's right to disarm me. But if you are Ahmed the soon to be dead terrorist, wouldn't you rather shoot up a mall full of unarmed victims, or do you want to pull your AK and catch a .357 round to the temple joint as soon as you start spraying? Ahmed is dead either way, but the body count will be significantly different.

Mr D'Souza added: "I told some policemen the gunmen   had moved towards the rear of the station but they refused to follow them.   What is the point if having policemen with guns if they refuse to use them?   I only wish I had a gun rather than a camera."

Amen to that Brother.

Gandhipin_2 Yes it is a Gandhi pin and it reads "Practice Nonviolence", I believe it is more difficult. But I also think you should "Practice Violence". Gandhi and I both call ourselves pacifists, we just differ on what that means. He was more passive and I am more pacifying. But in the end we all end up pacific.