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"Journalist" Gives Taliban Aid

Rolling Stone reporter, Nir Rosen, who "embedded" with the Taliban has caused a dust up over at Small Wars Journal.  From his embed with the Taliban:

...At one point, two green armored personnel carriers from NATO zip by, racing toward Kabul. Shafiq and Ibrahim laugh: It looks like the coalition forces are fleeing the battle.

"Bulgarians," Shafiq says, shaking his head in amusement.

After an hour, the fighting ends, and we get back in the car. A few minutes later, we pass the broken remains of a British supply convoy. Dozens of trucks — some smoldering, others still ablaze — line the side of the road, which is strewn with huge chunks of blasted asphalt. The trucks carried drinks for the Americans, Ibrahim tells me as we drive past. Hundreds of plastic water bottles with white labels spill out of the trucks, littering the highway...

Rosen basically gives the Taliban propaganda and support.  Go read Bing West's post and then Nir Rosen shows up in the Comments to defend himself:

...i'm a journalist, not an american journalist...


...moreover, journalists regularly embed with the american military when it is conducting operations, attacks, killing. whats the difference?
imagine if that one taliban commander had not screwed up my plans to go with them when they conducted attacks, and i had seen that too. isnt that interesting? isnt it important to understand who they are? and most importantly, wouldnt it make for a fun read?...

And Rosen attacks West and his background:

...does any of this have to do with mr west's vietnam generation being bitter about losing vietnam and blaming their failure in vietnam on the media? i'm sorry you lost vietnam. for what its worth, i wasnt born yet...

More over at Winds of Change, Armed Liberal, the father of a soldier, writes about why, in Viet Nam, journalists were held in contempt by the military:

"...And that is what makes me so contemptuous of them. Marines will die going to get ... a couple of journalists." The last few words dripped with disgust.

Perhaps Nir Rosen is counting on never needing the American military?