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Support The Military

Caring For The Wounded

Remembering The Fallen

Honoring The Sacrifices

These are the basic tenets of the site here at Blackfive.  They are what drew me to the site to begin with, and upholding them led me to enjoy my time here.  These are the most basic of principles we hold dear, and to a man, believe in with all of our hearts.

We better, because I don't believe our President-elect has a freaking clue about any of them.  Nor do those who will be working in complicit abrogation of all of these principles over the coming years.

I have made it my personal mission to continue to support these principles, and be ever more watchful because in my opinion, the upcoming administration certainly won't. 

I believe we will see the following:
1.  Immediate reduction of 4 brigades in Iraq.  2 will be pulled back to 'staging' in Kuwait, and likely the other 2 sent to Afghanistan.  On the Pakistan border.
2.  Immediate cuts in bonuses and benefits for those that re-up. 
3.  Immediate cuts in recruitment funding.
4.  Drastic cuts in defense spending on equipment.  Bring what yas got, 'cause ya aint's gettin' no mo'.
5.  Immediate reduction of senior enlisted and officer ranks.  This will have two effects: one, senior experienced leadership will drastically lack; and two, those oxygen thieves that DO stick around will become the leaders. Gawd help us.  (Caveat: if the economy tanks WORSE, they'll stick around until it gets better.  When and if it DOES improve, the exodus will be even WORSE).

I've been saying for quite some time that the treatment of our soldiers and sailors will take a turn for the worse.  Given what has happened, I fully expect this to occur.  Spitting, harassment, intolerance and verbal abuse will reign.

I hate sounding so pessimistic.  But the underlying currents of intolerance toward the military and anyone who regards service as a virtue is just too much to ignore.

Gentlemen of Blackfive, I believe we have an even more drastic mission...