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For This, We Are Thankful...


Today, the day which we reflect on what we as Americans have come to be thankful for, I wanted to post a few things from Thanksgiving's past.  This is my 2d anniversary here at the 'Five, and I, for one example, am VERY thankful to be a part of such a fantastic team.

Today, I give thanks for:

A family I care about, and cares for me;

A soldier or sailor away from home, doing their duty, away from their family and friends, allowing me to be with mine;

A country that is the best in the world;

A home;

People who want to read the drivel I write here;

The chance to make a difference- anywhere, any time.

I hope each and EVERY one of you are with family and friends this day, and remind you to give thanks for that opportunity and the men and women out there who ensure we have that chance- and this includes those First Responders out there!

Thanks, to all of you, who make this possible...  bless you one and all!


BELOW:  Pictures and the menu for those serving overseas!


Here, according to DefenseLink, is what the troops overseas will be getting:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 26, 2008 – U.S. troops serving in the Middle East will dine on a traditional Thanksgiving meal tomorrow, thanks to the efforts of Defense Supply Center Philadelphia employees.

The supply center has sent thousands of pounds of food – including more than 120,000 pounds of whole turkeys and more than 170,000 pies -- to troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Dubai and Djibouti.

The center has sent the following items overseas for tomorrow’s meal:

-- Whole turkey: 121,108 pounds, worth $323,228.60;
-- Turkey breast meat: 109,780 pounds, worth $437,991.49;
-- Turkey thigh meat: 145,780 pounds, worth $361,852.66;
-- Ham: 95,826 pounds, worth $263,199.92;
-- Beef: 178,466 pounds, worth $1,139,970.37;
-- Shrimp: 131,359 pounds, worth $1,712,960.70;
-- Stuffing mix: 16,874 containers, worth $149,025.40;
-- Potatoes: 14,308 containers, worth $64,181.47;
-- Sweet potatoes, 56,104 cans, worth $137,584.15;
-- Cranberry sauce, 10,994 cans, worth $74,683.30;
-- Corn: 32,535 pounds, worth $155,874.42; and
-- Assorted pies: 179,810 individual pies, worth $1,451,491.36.

The center, part of the Defense Logistics Agency, annually supplies $13.4 billion worth of food, clothing and textiles, medicines, medical equipment, construction and equipment supplies and services to servicemembers and their families and other federal customers worldwide.

(From a Defense Logistics Agency news release.)


PRES. Bush feeds troops at the Bob Hope dining hall, Baghdad Airport, Nov 2003


GEN Casey greets troops at Dining Hall, CVB, Iraq 2004.