An Interview with David Weber, Part 11 -- Final for Now
Voting Issues

Exercise Your Franchise: Go Vote

I wish I had the time to do this justice, and if I were Grim (or simply in a Grim mood) this would be annotated, footnoted, and cited, but:

1. Voting is not a right, it is a privilege.
2. Voting responsibly is the duty of a free citizenry
3. Those that fail to exercise their franchise could find themselves no longer able to do so

I don't care if you vote for someone or, as I did a fair bit when I voted early, vote against a given candidate. I don't care if you play a game of casting your vote to cancel out the vote of an "idiot" on the other side of the spectrum. What matters is that you vote, for every vote counts and political hacks count heavily on suppressing voting rather than encouraging it. So, honk off the hacks and vote. Besides, if you don't vote, you have no "right" to kvetch afterwards about anything -- you had your shot and you didn't take it so shut the frell up.

Vote. It's what citizens do.