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Ask an Infantryman: Out of Line to ask Dominatrix to clean her Tools?

Infantrymen, your advice is sought in the extended section. All non-infantry should be advised that there may be offensive material in this post.

Dear Chuck Z: I am a straight, crossdressing male into bondage. That's NOT my problem. Recently, I began seeing a professional Dominatrix for forced crossdressing, among other things. She was great, but our last session ended abruptly when She told me that She wanted to start dildo training me. I was all for it, but I asked Her, politely, if She could use my dildo. In no uncertain terms, She said no.

I then asked, politely, if She would wash Her dildo in bleach in front of me so that I would know it was clean. She ended the session right then and there, and She told me not to contact Her again.

Was I out of line? I signed a "contract" with Her that said I would not "top from the bottom," but She has several other slaves who She probably uses that dildo on and I just wanted to know for sure that the dido was clean. I know I won't be seeing Her again, but it would be nice to know if you thought I was out of line. She reads your column.

-- Jamming a Yukon Gold Romeo Oscar Delta November Echo Romeo

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