US Iraqi Security Pact OKed by Cabinet
An Interview with Travis S. Taylor, Part 6

2 Theaters, ONE WAR!

Ok, I can only say this once.  And I hope to explain it in a way that the deaf can hear it, the blind can see it, and the rest of you can understand it.

The O doesn't get what he's facing.  Heh.  Like that' news.  But, what's worse, the rest of the media doesn't seem to get it either.

How many 'wars' are we actually fighting, people?  One?  Two?  A half-dozen?

WE ARE FIGHTING ONE WAR.  ONE.  The Global War On Terror.  But we are fighting it IN TWO THEATERS.

Time Magazine.  CNN.  LA Times.  Washington Post.  All espousing '2 wars'.  Nope.  Not hardly.  As the LA Daily News states:

In fewer than 11 weeks, Obama will inherit not just the economic crisis and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also the ongoing threat of a terrorist attack, a resurgent Russia and nuclear proliferation in hot spots across the globe.

In trying to paint him as another Roosevelt, or even Lincoln, they are upping the size and complexity of what he is facing. Fact is, he is facing ONE war, TWO theaters, a financial crisis (of his party's own making) and a country far more divided than at any time since Vietnam.

I don't understand why other venues don't seem to remember that each of the battle fronts we have are all on the same front: facing radical Islamism and hunting down those that will attempt to bring harm to us here on our own shores.  It is possible that in gaining some of the classified briefs now, B-O will come to understand why Iraq, and why then (2003).  They are all tied- saying we are fighting two wars now would be like calling 1938 - 1945 four wars: Africa, Europe, Asia, and Pacific.  So we fought WW II thru WW V during that time period.  I mean, I would better understand considering the Pacific theater one war, and the Euro front another war- totally separate countries, totally separate ideals.  THAT you may make a case for.  But to call fighting Islamo-terrorists in Iraq as well as Afghanistan (AND, don't forget the Phillipines, and others areas in Asia) as 'separate' wars is ridiculous.

Even Small Wars Journal got it wrong.  And those guys usually know what they are talking about.

Lets keep the perspective- ONE war, TWO theaters.  Or, two fronts.