U.S.S. Michael Monsoor -- A Fitting Tribute
An Interview with David Weber, Part 9

The War Briefing

I watched the PBS show The War Briefing and while the first 5 minutes or so had the usual suspects, it leveled out and was a decent look at the Afghan/Pakistan war. And yes that is absolutely the right way to describe it.

The opening quote from a talking brain set the tone as she led with "Took their eye off the ball" i.e. W screwed the pooch by invading Iraq instead of fixing the never been fixed ever Waziristan. They led with 5 or 6 smart pantses hammering the US and speaking of the US as they instead of we, which is telling. But they did have Kilcullen and Nagl and even a dose of Jack Keane so you have to give credit.

Historically you can see what Roggio has to say, from a bias perspective it was relatively fair, for PBS I mean.