An Interview with David Weber, Part 3
Not quite Outside the Wire yet

Radio Time- In the Crosshairs live at 1pm

Podcast of the show is up here.

David Bellavia and I will be live on Radio America and Paltalk today from 1 pm to 3 pm. You can watch the studio cam on Paltalk and argue with all the other nuttahs in the chat room. We may even take or make a random call today just for grins. Go ahead and sign up because we are planning to do some fun stuff with the audience and you can win valuable useless shwag. Plus we want to be able to have folks on the show via webcam etc. so join Paltalk although perhaps we can name it SmackTalk for this crowd.

We will have Thus Spake Ortner TSO from This Ain't Hell on because he thinks we gave too much of a tongue bath to Paul Rieckhoff of IAVA last week.

We will discuss that and the negotiations with the Iraqi government about a Status of Forces agreement and a long term security agreement. Here is a CFR piece that outlines this very well.

The Atlantic had an article on the Petraeus doctrine that got all the folks at the Small Wars Journal riled up and they are having an ongoing discussion about Crusaders v. Conservatives. good stuff.

Bill Roggio has a report about 8 Iranian agents captured in Iraq. All too often this is a catch and release.

Sweaty Uncle Teddy has some lovely quotes in a Village Voice (seriously) interview.

Oh and we will have some more info about a certain Presidential candidate and the mistress his wife exiled to the islands. Yeah baby.