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October 2008

Ask an Infantryman: PINING IN JAMESTOWN, N.Y.

Infantryman, a particularly pathetic case, in need of your worthy ministrations:

DEAR CHUCK Z: I have really only loved one woman. I don't think "Debra" ever realized it, even though we were friends. Since leaving high school 14 years ago, I have not been able to keep a relationship with a woman going for more than a few months. (I haven't seen Debra in nearly 16 years.) I tried counseling, but it wasn't especially helpful. I have done Web searches and think I have finally located Debra. It appears that she's married. I don't really think I should contact her, but I have always wondered if she felt the same way about me.

I haven't been with anyone for five years. I have always thought about what might have been, even when I was in relationships. Please help me decide. I don't know if it is closure I'm looking for, or what. -- PINING IN JAMESTOWN, N.Y.

As always, your advice in the comments below, please. For more about how to answer these questions, and who should answer them, go here. The Paratrooper of Love has very generously created a category for the other "Ask an Infantryman" questions here.

His Royal Highness, the Duke of Gloucester in Iraq


A member of 2nd Battalion, the Royal Anglian Regiment, "The Poachers", explains the techniques used by infantry forward observers, the Duke of Gloucester, during his visit to the Contingency Operating Base Basra, on Oct. 27, 2008, in Basra, Iraq.  Photo by Sgt. Gustavo Olgiati, Joint Combat Camera Center Iraq.


The Duke of Gloucester, talks with Capt. Samantha Toop, 2nd in Command, 3rd Close Support Medical Regiment, during his visit to Contingency Operating Base Basra, on Oct. 27, 2008, in Basra, Iraq. Photo by Sgt. Gustavo Olgiati, Joint Combat Camera Center Iraq.

An Interview with David Weber, Part 8

This is part of a series of interviews sponsored by Baen Books with some of today's top military science fiction writers. Links from here point to Amazon for those who want paper copies, while links at Baen point to their electronic webscription service.

Part 8 picks up with discussion of Jim Baen, some discussion on modern military science fiction and the role of the military in society, and includes a small bit about David's lovely, charming, and delightful wife explaining his "Special Guest" status to someone -- We at Blackfive are not responsible for keyboards or monitors on that one. *G*

Discussion of David Weber usually begins with a very good quetion: Where to start? Should you start with the first book in his hugely popular Honor Harrington series? Or should it be with the first book in his fantasy series where the god of war is also the god of justice? Perhaps his Empire from the Ashes series? Hmmm, wait, maybe the first book in his latest series? Or the first book with Linda Evans in the Hell's Gate series? His first collaboration with Eric Flint in the hugely popular 1632 series? No, no, no, wait -- his first book in collaboration with John Ringo in the Empire of Man series? Maybe his work in the Bolo universe of Keith Laumer?

Ultimately, it really doesn't matter where you start. No matter what you choose, you will be starting a good book and quite likely a good series. Almost no matter your taste, there is a book or series by David Weber that is likely to appeal to you. His work on combat, battle, and some of what lies beneath is recognized and highly praised for its accuracy -- yet, David Weber has never served in uniform or in combat. Some of his work in the Honor Harrington series has even been used in class discussion(s?) on military leadership. David's works explore that which lies behind leadership, justice, and loyalty. This series of interviews will explore a bit of that which lies behind his explorations of what lies behind, and with a certain amount of detail as he was kind enough to give Blackfive TV almost two hours of his time.

Part 7 can be found here and Part 9 here.


Shake it


U.S. Army paratroopers clear debris from used parachutes before hanging them at Fort Bragg, N.C., Oct. 23, 2008. The soldiers are assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division's 2nd Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team. The parachutes will be used for a joint Army and Air Force forcible entry exercise.    U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Jeremy T. Lock


Vets for Freedom- Lummox Murtha must apologize

UPDATE: Correction to location of Sunday 2 NOV event at 2pm Days Inn New Stanton not Holiday Inn

Anybody notice that every post from me for the last week has been a Bust Their Chops? Operation Caligula is in full effect. Murtha must go! VFF has a petition asking the Lummox Murtha to apologize for his atrocious comments about the Haditha Marines. Please sign and join us in the all out assault on that grotesque swine. Support Bill Russell if you can and join us there any time before the election, the big event Sun. the 2nd at the Days Inn near New Stanton.

Hong Kong Hook


Hong Kong government flying service Lt. Vincent Wong, left, and U.S. Air National Guard Tech. Sgt. Brandon Stuemke practice seaborne hoisting during preparations for the Hong Kong Search and Rescue Exercise 2008. Stuemke is a member of the Alaska Air National Guard's 212th Rescue Squadron, based at Kulis Air Base in Anchorage, Alaska. The Hong Kong SAREX is an annual exercise involving units from the U.S., Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China.  Date Taken: October 22nd, 2008. Location: HONG KONG, HK.  Photographer: Michael Watkins, Navy Visual News Service.

Senator Obama's "Friend" - Limo Driver Confirms at CY

Confederate Yankee followed up on some information and talked to the "driver" who chauffeured Senator Obama and Ms. Baker to Senator Obama's Hotel...and the "driver" confirms that he talked to other news agencies.

...NewsMax, the National Enquirer, ABC News, and NBC News have all had the basic facts of the Baker-Obama liaison for some time now, and so far, none have come forward with any reporting...

So why aren't they running the story?

See Confederate Yankee for possible reasons why.

In the Crosshairs Live 1-3 pm eastern

David and I will be doing radidio today live from 1-3 pm. You can hear the show on Paltalk here and you can flap your gums in the chat room  and watch us on webcam as well.

We hope to get a call from our embeds in Iraq right now LTC Steve Russell and JD Johannes who have been up around Speicher and the Tikrit area.

And in our ongoing quest to become the go to site for political dirt. Bob Owens has personally spoken to the man who drove Barack Obama and Vera Baker to the George Hotel here in DC back in 2004 for an assignation. Wolf passed the name and contact info on to Bob and like the reporters you used to see in the old movies he did some journalizing and writes an excellent piece at Confederate Yankee.

More stories we will discuss after the jump

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