Ask an Infantryman:

Operation Caligula- Assault on the Lummox Murtha

Grampa_murtha_copy_2_2 John Murtha is a reprehensible swine. Any credit due him for his service has been completely obliterated by his disgraceful behavior toward the Marines he called "Cold-blooded murderers". He has also been at the head of the "Cut & Run" contingent waving a surrender flag and trying to score political points. The Lummox has been so consistently stupid, wrong and morally corrupt that I stole WFB's idea and formed The Committee to Horsewhip John Murtha.

I am beginning phase one of Operation Caligula with an all out assault on Murtha. I am planning a trip to Johnstown, PA where I will set up shop in the public square with a large banner from the Horsewhipping Committee and treat with the local populace who have been sending this atrocious waste of protoplasm to Congress forever. I will attempt to convince them of the errors of their ways.

Murtha's opponent is a good and decent man and LTC Bill Russell has a good shot at removing Murtha's snout from the trough in the Parliament of Hoors. He has been endorsed by our good friends at Vets for Freedom and they will be out to support Bill Russell as well.

If anyone has any areas of Murtha's long and embarrassing record that would make good ad fodder let me know. We have several vicious, snarling attacks planned but we would need heavy equipment to handle all the dirt on this particular hog. So send links or whatever and if there is any obscure video let me know and I will scarf it up. Let the scheming begin.

Podcast of my rant about fashion from this morning is here.