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Nihilists for HOPE- We have a fan

I am always thrilled when our kind-hearted friends on the left deign to notice our little corner of the internets. This time we have the perfectly-named Nihilists for HOPE watching our feeble attempts to derail the coronation.

BARACK has survived the attacks on him and they have been horrifying in their insanity. The BLACKFIVE goon squad has led the charge into the cesspool with their shameful slurs that BARACK had a mistress. I hate these people so much I wish I could sink to their level. I wish I could stomp them like the droogs in A Clockwork Orange.

But WE are better than THEY and WE will be the ones celebrating on November 4th and WE will rejoice on January 20 when CHANGE will come and WE can HOPE again. The Bush crime family will be ridden out of town in disgrace exiled back to HIXAS where they belong.

That is touching and I love the Emo CAPS. What a great logo they have.