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Nick Meo(w) - When Bad Kitties Hit Back

RE:  Nick Meo - The Most Self-Serving and Incompetent Journalist in the World

Nick Meo must have got some heat from your emails to the Telegraph.  Thank you.

He writes a response at the Telegraph.

Nick Meo hits back at Afghanistan battle report slurs
Last week the Taliban tried to kill me. This week it was the turn of American bloggers. After being blown up by a bomb in Kandahar province, a stream of hostile emails and some vicious blogging posts have been fired my way, writes Nick Meo.

...For writing about this, the bloggers have called me a coward, a liar, a fantasist, anti-American, and a cheap Brit journalist. One urged the Telegraph to demote me to covering dog shows, not wars. Another blog described what the Taliban would have done to me if I had been taken captive. He was clearly disappointed that it hadn’t happened.

There was also reaction from family members of soldiers involved in the attack – they knew, for instance, that I had been told to stop filming and were angry that I hadn’t, although as an embedded journalist I was entitled to do so and was not hampering operations...

For starters, he seems to confuse the difference between bloggers and commenters.  If I used a Telegraph commenter's words on Meo's post as his own, what would his reaction be?

The bottom-line is that Meo's writing always seems to contradict itself...interesting trait for a journalist.

Bouhammer suggests we continue to email the Telegraph about Nick Meo(w).

And over at this thread at, apparently the poster known as Popsiq doesn't know how to use Google...