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Mr. Blackwell Dead, Mr. Uncle Jimbo on fashion

Podcast of this rant is here.

In what may be the sorriest attack of a sorry campaign by the NY Times wing of the Obama camp, they have a front page story about Sarah Palin's freaking wardrobe. If she showed up in boots and Levis they would call her a hick. I would call that smokin' hot. If she upgrades to the expected garb of the elites, she is mocked for spending the $$$$. What hypocritical douchebags the arbiters of life, the universe and everything are. You know what F**k the New York Times! They are a grotesque parody of a serious newspaper. The Onion can't even rip on them because the paper's own actions require willful suspension of disbelief.

At this point the Obama Nation has disgustipated me to the point that I do not give a rats ass about playing nice. I am going to spend the last days of this campaign like a political Caligula.

Just to set the tone, let's follow this fashion theme and consider why the New York Times hasn't asked the question I know has been on my mind. Who the hell dresses Michelle Obama? I mean good lord she might possibly be the most horribly attired public figure since Dana Carvey's Church Lady. Actually the shapeless, tacky, polyester-ish, nightmares she drapes herself with look do like they were purchased at a church rummage sale and are more reminiscent of furniture than fashion.

And before I catch any more undeserved taunts of racist. My personal tastes run more to Tyra Banks than Tina Fey. Palin is an awesome exception to the rule. Call it the "Your moose is cooked Obama" exemption.

I just noticed this might be the most highly-referenced post I have written in many moons. See who can find and identify the most in the comments.