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Military Charity Closing for Lack of Donations

Now, this is the kind of thing that just can't go unpunished. has sent thousands of care
packages to our troops deployed outside the US since March 2003.   But is in dire financial need now, and may close.
The site must raise $22,000 by October 31 or it will stop taking new
requests on December 1, finish filling remaining care package requests
for the holidays, and cease operations December 31.

"Twenty-two grand?  No problem.  We'll have it for you in the morning.  Let's go, Ellwood."

Seriously, I'll kick in twenty bucks -- that's like buying one book (or DVD) for one soldier this year, and mailing it over.  I'll be surprised if the BlackFive readership can't fix this by ourselves.  It's a tough time, yeah, but I hope it'll never be too tough that I can't find a twenty to buy a deployed soldier a book (or a recently returned soldier a couple of drinks).

Kick in here, if you want.