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Marine Corps Recruiting: Need some help

Sup. Uber Pig here. Need some help. A family friend is getting ready to join the Marine Corps. For some reason, his recruiter says he can't promise him a bonus, but he's going to everything he can to get him one. Unfortunately, he will only know what the bonus is, if there is a bonus at all, after my family friend has enlisted. I'm a little worried because at that point it's too late, as most of you with prior service already know. This is a good kid, though. I told him to make his decision based on no bonus, though there appears to be an attractive package of college money & educational benefits worth in the vicinity of $80k -- enough to pay for college. So if you are a Marine Corps Recruiter, or you know a Marine Corps Recruiter you trust and are willing to vouch for, please hit me up at enlisted swine at the G. Or in the comments below.


-- Uber Pig