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ISAF-Afghanistan Update on Civilian Casualties Incident

The following is an update by International Security and Assistance Force - Afghanistan with regards to reports of ISAF-A causing civilian casualties during an October 16th airstrike:

KABUL, Afghanistan - International Security and Assistance Force - Afghanistan is conducting a detailed investigation into the airstrike in Helmand Province Oct. 16, 2008 that was reported in the media to have resulted in the deaths of local civilians.

The ISAF investigation is complicated by the fact that shortly after the airstrike, two indiscriminate enemy force missile attacks appear to have been launched into the residential centre of Lashkar Gah that reportedly caused civilian casualties. ISAF also heard reports of other non-ISAF related incidents around Lashkar Gah which may have caused casualties. All of these unrelated incidents are complicating the ongoing ISAF investigations into the alleged civilian casualties. Therefore, ISAF has yet to conclude its investigation into what exactly has happened, the casualties caused and by whom.

ISAF always works to protect the people of Afghanistan by conducting its operations in a manner that minimises risk to the civilian population. ISAF is saddened to hear of these reported casualties and will work tirelessly with the Afghan authorities to identify the cause and any lessons that can be learned to provide better security to the people of Afghanistan.

If you see any references in the media that they knew that enemy forces also fired on the same area, post links in the Comments.  This was from 4 days ago so it's possible it's been cleared up by now.