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You_cant_believe_what_cj_wrote_ab_2 Good Monday morning!  Just a quick update featuring an interview I did with Pete Hegseth of Vets For Freedom (VFF) on Friday (yeah- a busy weekend).

Wanted to get an idea of what VFF was up to these days, and what their outlook was leading up to the November election.  While VFF is NOT a 'partisan' group (they are a 501 3c, BTW) he wanted to let us know that they ARE heavily concentrating material into 12 key states; if you are in one of these 12 states you are likely to see VFF material crossing your airwaves:


What, exactly, are they concentrating on?  I'll let Pete say it:

We have a heavy emphasis on pushing for support of Senate Resolution 636 and emphasizing the successes of our troops overseas.  Also, we will be publishing a 'report card' that details the voting record of Congressmen and women on bills that supported issues important to our troops and veterans.  It will details who voted for what and how they voted.  Also, we'll be issuing a report on our reporters embedding in Iraq; what they saw, what the troops told them about the situation, and what conditions were like compared to what it was like back when they were walking the streets.

I'm looking forward to that report.  I assisted with their embed travels (via Gryphon) and I'm as anxious to know what they experienced as anyone.  VFF has a huge volunteer organization and they will certainly have an impact on framing issues important to us all. 

Of note was a comment that Pete made regarding Iraq: that Iraq will become more of an 'economic' issue and less of a military one (as long as current conditions and trends are maintained).  That is to say the expenditures of the US over there will become more of an issue than the military tactical or even strategic activities there.  Given what we've experience in the meltdowns in our economic sector, I would have to agree,to a point.  It will be purely a political play, and not a true economic concern given that what we spend is truly not near what the CRA has cost us in the long run. 

VFF has a long-term viability, not strictly a short-term play leading into the elections.  While Pete heavily reiterates that getting issues addressed now in the media is important, it's primarily because the DEBATE on these issues are at the forefront during and election cycle.  Pete says that they will remain quite relevant far beyond Nov 4th, as they will also address support for GWOT going forward, focus on whatever withdrawal plans are presented no matter WHO wins the White House (to further support the efforts and sacrifices made by the troops) as well as any other issues that may arise post-election.

Hooah, Pete.  Safe travels and keep up the great work!  And if I were you, I'd be careful re-entering your office after Jimbo's been there...


NOTE:  Go to this site to see CJ's report on a previous VFF effort last spring.  The pic is there, too.