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In the Crosshairs- Steve Russell fm Baghdad & Murthapalooza

This week on the show David and I speak live with Blackfive correspondent LTC Steve Russell, who along with JD Johannes and TIME’s Brian Bennett have spent the last two weeks in Iraq reporting on current conditions. Steve spoke w/ Gen. Odierno who commanded his division during his previous combat tour, as well as the LT Governor of Diyala and many others. There is a rough cut video of some time spent w/ US and Iraqi forces out in town.

We also have TSO on for a segment and unveil a new adjunct to the hugely popular “Ask an Infantryman” with our “Ask a Pastor” segment w/ David’s older brother Daniel. That and a ton and I mean a ton of Murtha bashing.

Here are the podcast of the show and the video of LTC Russell out on the town.