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IAVA Ties to Obama Campaign?

I posted the link to This Ain't Hell's response to IAVA's Congressional Scorecard yesterday.  I should be receiving a response from Paul Rieckoff, Executive Director of IAVA, soon.

In the meantime, I received an email from the head of Veterans for Obama (inside the Obama Campaign).  Please read the link to This Ain't Hell first:

Given your coverage of issues facing veterans and the military, I thought this might interest you.
--Phil Carter
Veterans Director
Obama for America

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Issue Congressional Report Card – Obama/Biden Score ‘B’s - Senator McCain Scores a ‘D’

CHICAGO, IL -   Today, the non-partisan Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) issued their 2008 Congressional report card, grading both Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden a B.  ( The same report card gave Senator John McCain a D, making him one of only four Senators to receive a D or below.   The scorecard was based on key votes affecting Iraq and Afghanistan veterans – the GI Bill, VA benefits and mental health care – while also highlighting who failed to make veterans a priority.
“Senator Obama and Senator Biden have a long record of supporting our veterans and honoring that sacred trust with our veterans and military families. The fact that IAVA has recognized their unending support is a great tribute. Time and again we have seen veterans across the country support the Obama-Biden ticket because of their strong record of standing up for wounded warriors and veterans,” said Wendy Morigi, national security spokesperson for the campaign. “If Senators Obama and Biden are fortunate enough to be elected in November, veterans can rest assured knowing that they will spend every day in the White House fighting to honor their service and sacrifice.” 
Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden have worked hard in the Senate on behalf of America’s veterans. They were both cosponsors of the new GI Bill that helps veterans and their families achieve their dreams of a college education.  As a member of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, Obama has worked tirelessly, passing legislation to combat homelessness among veterans, increasing funding for veterans care and improving treatment of our nations’ wounded heroes at places like Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
“IAVA has just confirmed what many of us combat veterans have known for a while: that Senator Barack Obama will stand and deliver for those of us in uniform not only when we are overseas fighting, but also when we come back home.  As someone who has spent part of my life in Afghanistan serving a combat tour of duty, and as one who still serves our nation as a reservist, Senator Obama has on numerous occasions demonstrated to both me and my soldiers that he has the judgment and courage to fight for not what is popular, but for what is right.  In times of true peril, when the stakes on who serves as the next commander-in-chief could not be higher, I am happy to unconditionally stand behind Senator Obama because he has proven he will unconditionally stand behind us,” said Wesley Moore, who served as an Army captain and paratrooper in Afghanistan, where he earned the Bronze Star Medal. 
Senators Obama and Biden would have likely received higher scores from the IAVA report card, but for the fact they were absent for several of the votes during their campaign.  They both supported efforts to expand veterans’ health care and benefits and opposed a less generous GI Bill. Additionally, an item from the IAVA’s report card for House members, the Homes for Heroes Act, was sponsored by Obama in the Senate.
An Obama-Biden administration will keep America’s sacred trust with our veterans. They will strengthen the VA, improve health care and benefits, and streamline the process confronting returning service members by hiring additional claim workers and improving training and accountability.  And, they will combat homelessness among Veterans by establishing a national ‘zero tolerance’ policy that will expand proven programs and launch new initiatives to prevent veterans from falling into homelessness.
In another example of Obama and Biden receiving higher ratings than McCain, Senator Obama in 2006 earned an 80% rating and Senator Biden received a 75% rating from Disabled American Veterans, while Senator McCain earned a 20% rating from the country’s largest and oldest group dedicated to veterans’ disability and healthcare issues.
You can view the full IAVA report at IAVA has about 105,000 members.

Now, if you go and look at IAVA's Founding Members page, you find Phil Carter (Veterans Director of Obama for America).

This Ain't Hell saw it first.

So what the @#$% is this?

Is this a blatant disregard for facts in support of Senator Obama?

Update:  I hope Paul covered this legally because I thought that you couldn't coordinate between a campaign and an outside group...