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Disgusting Hit Piece on McCain

There's a good chance I'll vote for Obama instead of McCain. I don't want to go into my reasons for this at the moment. My point in mentioning this is that the kind of hack writing and dishonesty I read in this piece about John McCain, published in Rolling Stone, disgusts me. It actually makes me want to vote for the poor guy out of solidarity. McCain does not deserve this treatment from anyone. Your thoughts below (on the piece, not my politics) please.

Update: In keeping with the recent conversations between Blackfive, Paul Rieckhoff, and Phil Carter, I think it's important for Paul or Phil or both, as veterans, to come out against this piece, the ugliness of its author, and the stupidity of its publisher. This is the right thing to do as veterans, and the right thing for them to do for fairness and decency, and definitely the right thing to do for their candidate -- Barack Obama.

-- Uber Pig, Out