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Dems ♥ Powell

Seems my earlier post of Colin Powell endorsing Obama for the reason of job security raised some hackles out there.  Great.  Aside from causing some heartburn, it also demonstrated the failure of some rocket scientists out there see a touch of "satire" in a blog post.

Its been floating around for a few days, but Blog buddy Madmblue emailed me this poster which, funny enough, sums up the breathless love the principled and honorable Dems have for the former


Continuing on this "principled and honorable" thread, blog buddy Steve Ambrose over at The Wood Shed has some great thoughts on Character.

Charles Krauthammer, also, nailed it late last week with his article on why he's supporting McCain - he's for the guy who can tell the lion from the lamb.  Slightly important these days, but ignored by some.

You've probably heard this before somewhere with regards to Powell, but over on my blog I said:

I’m reminded of that old investment adage - “past performance does not guarantee future results”. Thanks for your past performance, General. I do not trust any future results you believe in.

Come to think of it, Powell stock is probably right at home with the rest of the stock market these days.  With the exception, though, of those two holding the above sign.  The former "Liar and War Criminal" is now the sage and just conscience of the True Republicans.

Pardon me while I puke.