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Be Prepared, Be VERY Prepared...

...for a whole lot more of treatment like this.  You can almost set your watch by it.

Should things go a certain way, you can see that we will see a lot more treatment of troops like this poor LT who's in Kuwait:

For the record, I tried to give KREM News in Washington the credit rather than going thru CNN, but their policy won't let us link without registering first.  So screw them too. 

Anyway, the LT moved to WA and bought a new home; he was deployed before he could get his lawn set up, and the developer threatened to sue.  In fact, the developer is quoted in the following:

I don't give a [explitive] where he is or what his problem is.  Chick Edwards, developer and 'biggest land owner so I'm the homeowners representative''.

Nice guy to have as a neighbor.

See, I'm seeing the biggest divide in our country since the Nixon-McGovern race.  Look at the comments in these stories.  What if the LT, instead of being overseas, had been in a cancer ward?  Think the result should have been different?  I don't. In fact, unless he was in some hospital out of state or something, he'd likely had family in the area to help.  But not in this case.  Not only was he overseas, his wife was readying to give birth on the East Coast with her family. 

Not only did they irrigate and sod his yard, they put up a flagpole.  Facing the developers property.  Talk about in-your-face.  The developer was offered to come help, join in, but he wouldn't even respond.

We are going to see more and more divides like this.  It will NOT get better- only worse.

Bet me.


UPDATE:  A reader sent the following:

DeAlicante said he has written Edwards to tell him the federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act prevents any civil legal action from being taken against someone on active military duty overseas. He also maintains Edwards cannot legally prevent Jensen from renting his property.

But Edwards said he isn't backing down.

"This is a contract. I don't like the way his property looks. This clown gets to do what he wants, and I'm as mad as hell," he said.

See the source of this here

This Edwards guy, Chick, reminds me of the Chicago lawyer that got 'p0wned' for keying the Marine's car. Deed is one thing- its that ATTITUDE that will get you every time.  A simple search on Chick turns up quite a bit of info on him.  I suppose his voicemail, email, and phone lines are burning up, just as ol' Jay's were back in January.

Not sure about the laws in Washington state, but if they are anything like where I'm at, the developer must turn over control of the HOA at a certain occupancy level.  Seems like this 'mayoral wannabe' has elected himself mayor, sheriff, and jailer all at once. 

H/T to Loopylib :)