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An Interview With David Drake, Part 6 (Final for Now)

This is part of a series of interviews sponsored by Baen Books with some of today's top military science fiction writers.

Lawyer, bus driver, and best-selling author: these are just a few of the jobs David Drake has done over the years. Best known to many for his "Hammer's Slammer's series," David actually covers a range of genres and interests, and includes among his credits a major in Latin. Though I doubt he remembers it, many years ago he translated a version of "Ave Imperator" that I still use and get away with simply because so few know Latin. His works are too numerous to list, but include Hammer's Slammers, Redliners, Lord of the Isles, the Northworld Trilogy, and the humorous look at life Grimmer Than Hell.

In this segment, David discusses more of what he reads, has a few comments on David Weber, gets got by Tom Kratman, and has a message to the troops that you need to hear. Part One can be found here, Part Two is here, Part Three is here, Part Four is here, and Part Five is here. Please enjoy.