Dem's wife attacks Repubs service in Iraq
Visit to St. Behnam's

A MurthaPalooza- Shawn Happens

The Pennsylvania Mania is catching on and I predict pandeminium. Shawn Bryan asked me today if we had some good stuff planned for when he arrives in PA this weekend. The answer is yes and since we are the side of good and righteousness we will not only prevail but hopefully not get arrested.

On to the wonderful world of attack ads. I am a Maverick supporter, but I could not be more diametrically opposed to the un-constitutional McCain-Feingold debacle. So in the spirit of true patriots everywhere I hereby release the Uncle Jimbo mix of an Obama Ayers attack ad too wicked for anywhere but the newest outpost of the Vast Right Wing Noise Machine.

So hie thee to the home of the beatdown
and please check out the ads and the Radio America show online (for now but satellite bound).

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