What I heard at the RNC
The Greatest Political Speech of a Generation

What we heard Sarah's night @ the RNC

OK, tonight the misquotes will be provided live from the Sweet Suite level at the RNC. Several intrepid Minnesotans, Jimmy & Patrick, flanked by Rochester's own Jane, who is well-known from the Al-Jazeera booth straight through to saying hey to Brit Hume at the FOX booth.

Mitt Romey is now on.

20:05 Jimmy- Mitt Romney is just a more popular Norm Coleman.

20:10 Jimbo- China's gymnasts are taking steroids like They have been partying with Jose Canseco.

20:15 Consensus of the room- Mitt said "In order to comtrol global warming we should shoot Al Gore's jet down."

20:16: Patrick- Mitt said "John McCain uses those T-rex arms to feed his T-Rex appetite.

20:20 Patrick- Yes Kissinger is very old, but always on the prowl for some good potato salad.

20:25 Rochester Jane notes she has never seen so many white people trying to dance before

20:26 The idea of an "Old, white people for McCain" t-shirt is considered and voted down.

20:27 But the "Future minorities for McCain" shirt was given a rousing approval.

20:30 HUCK ascends and wows geeks in basements nationwide by saying "live long and prosper"

20:36 How can there not be a joke in a reference to Jesus, Elvis and FDR.

20:37 Huck throws a knock out w/ Palin got more votes running for Mayor than Biden did running for President

20:38 Patrick is the first to see Chuck Norris rappel from the rafters to punctuate the KO and count Biden out.

20:40 Jon Voight enters the room and calls Angelina to tell her to vote the Double Maverick ticket and announces the release of Anaconda III.

20:41 Huck announces that IKEA is building a new desk for the Oval Office, now that MCain has earned one.

20:45 Gov. Lingle announces Gov. Palin and slaughters a sea turtle in homage.

20:48 David Bellavia asks "We have a Governor in Hawaii?. When did that happen?"

20:50 Bellavia reiterates his disbelief that Hawaii's head librarian is masquerading as the Governor.

20:51 Dave just saw a man dressed as John Wilkes Booth stalking the Abe Lincoln look-a-like in the audience.

20:52 The crowd's bloodlust rises as they begin chanting "Sarah" asking for the "naughty Librarian" to replace the real one.

20:55 The "First Dude" enters to thunderous applause.

21:02 RUDY sneaks up on stage announces that Jon Voight is not allowed to pick our next President.

21:05 Rudy bursts into laughter while discussing the Obama's resume of ills. Notes Obama couldn't figger out whether to vote yes or no. It was too tough.

21:10 Rudy says the only thing Obama has run is laps, no city, no state, no business.

21:12 Rudy Agrees with Biden and Hillary, the Obama is not ready at 3 am or even to pick where to have lunch.

21:13 Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy. But as Obama notes, "In the absence of substance, there is HOPE"

21:21 David Bellavia notes al Jazeera, whose box we can see, just surrendered to Rudy.

21:25 Rudy pulls the cling to religion line and again brought down the house.