Yes, We Had A Party
Maybe Now People Can Stop Asking...

The MilBlog Conference and Blog World and New Media Expo

I apologize for the lack of posting around here ("hellooo, anybody still paying attention?").

You've seen the pictures and here's some more at Doc's place.  Some, I'd wish I hadn't seen.

I'm at McCarran Airport in Vegas getting to go home and hug the kids and kiss the wife.  I'm not a fan of Vegas and miss home.  I don't have time for a proper round up of events.  Some were live blogging the sessions -  AWTM, Homefront Six, and Doc in the Box.  You can read their reports on the panels, guests (The Secretary of the Army was one), and events.

This year's new media event was absolutely a blast.  Not only did we stay up and party like rock stars, we managed to do a lot of work as well.


Work.  The face of Blackfive is this blog.  But it really only shows about 10% of what we actually do.  Some things we share and some things we don't.   The real heart and soul of this thing (kicks the tire) is the authors and you all - you give us the tips, the advice and the support.  There have been at least a few times over the year where Jim and I have been on a Blackfive assignment and sat back and one of us has said in amazement, "WE have the best readers in the blogosphere..."  We are more grateful for you than you know.  Some things in the works - Blackfive Radio, documentaries, embeds, Valour-IT...and if we can raise the money, a significant platform change.  I think you also might see a real Uncle Jimbo press conference too in the future ("Listen up, you Jackals!").

Some quick highlights:

1.  Having Froggy, Jim, Mr. Wolf, Laughing Wolf, and Grim together.  It was hilarious one minute, serious business the next.  Mostly hilarious, though.  We schemed up some very good ideas for projects that go along with our Tenets.  LW brought the Bal 15.  Domestik Diva, one of the coolest ladies on the planet who does more the troops than just about anybody I know, brought a bottle of Sapphire for me.

2.  Trying to wake up Jimbo on Saturday morning by screaming out the lyrics to Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name" ("Don't Do What They Tell You!") - two inches from his face.  I was unsuccessful.

3.  I was suitably mocked by CJ, and a gaggle of Groupies.  CJ had a shirt with my face plastered on it.  He knows I really hate the rock star label and amped it the @#$% up.  I ran into him at the exhibit hall, didn't expect to see a "Paratroopers for Blackfive" fan t-shirt on him with my face on it and actually fell to my knees I was laughing so hard.  I managed to insult/question his parentage as least five times.

4.  JP Boorda at Milblogging did a great job of MCing (even if I did throw a ball at his head and give him the finger multiple times).

5. And, in B5 HQ WEST, we did a special viewing of VADocumentary's short film on Veteran Homelessness.  It was excellent and showed two different veterans who were struggling with being homeless in New Hampshire.

6. Finally meeting Greyhawk.

Blackfive won the Veteran Military Bloggie award.  As I said about the readers, the same goes for the authors (Jimbo, too, when he's sober).  I asked Grim to accept our award (I gave him a full five minutes warning) and he managed a great short acceptance speech that included references to Jim Bowie, Davy Crocket and some other American legends that were pioneers and did what they had to do (as do we).

The only way, The. Only. Way, that we could top this weekend next year, would be to have all the B5 authors (and more of you) attend.  I also have asked Sean Dustman to be our official MilBlog Doc (and then told him to have some IV/saline for the B5 team next year as the perfect hang over cure).

Thanks to all the attendees (and OldSoldier54 for the Gurkhas).  See you next year!