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Civilians killed in Afghanistan?

Mike Yon's - Where Eagles Dare

I posted a link to the Times UK article on the Brits, Canadians and Aussie run in Afghanistan to deliver equipment and parts to a dam through heavily contested territory.

Now, Mike Yon has posted his view of the operation - full of photos and experiences - that is a MUST READ.

...Of the seven critical trailers, four contained transformers, two held stators, and the last one carried the upper bracket assembly, which itself weighed about 15 metric tons.  The smallest transformer weighed about 25 metric tons, and the other three about 29 tons each.  These would be driven along bumpy roads replete with beautiful ambush opportunities for the enemy.  I asked a British mechanical engineer, Major Mark Howard-Harwood, just how he thought they could pull this off.  Even without the imminent threat of ambush by every means imaginable, the route itself could easily tip the scales in favor of Murphy’s Law.  If any of the four transformers were destroyed, they could be easily replaced, but delivery would require a separate mission.  Yet if one of the two custom-made stators were destroyed, there would be a two-year delay before a replacement could arrive...