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Georgia: Return of the Great Game and Russia Out of G8?

Just a short one this morning, but given Gustav and politics, US media is pretty much ignoring EU crisis talks on Russia and Georgia that could result in Russia being removed from the G8. Russia, in turn, is continuing to make threats even as it states that it expects the EU to act in its own self-interest (i.e. cave to Russia as it has before). The rhetoric is interesting, and bears watching.

Meantime, JD Johannes has notes the return of the Great Game in a post that is well worth reading.

More as it happens.


UPDATE I: Not content just to make clear who they would like to see win the U.S. presidential race, the Kremlin is now accusing the U.S. of sending arms hidden in the humanitarian aid. This is a part of threats being made as noted above, and as a way of preventing Georgia from being able to re-arm so as to resist further aggression.

UPDATE II: The EU settles for being a bit peeved, even as Moscow outlines the basic points of the new world order it wants (thanks to mcmill1599 in comments). All U.S. presidential candidates need to really pay attention to what it says. As the EU goes with the mildest form of talk possible, I stand by what I said earlier about what happens to Georgia is up to Old Europe -- and we see where that stands. Some Soldier's Mome, yep. That pretty well sums it up.