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Control Of Anbar Given To Iraqi's

You will likely miss this on today's news, so I wanted to let you know that formal control of Anbar provence has been turned over to Iraqi forces. What was once the hot bed for AQI and others is now quite something else. As Marine Maj. Gen. Jack Kelly notes, such activities are not dead but "their end is near."

This time last year, I got to see a small part of this process, and even to spend some brief time with some of the Iraqi forces being trained. I got to meet Marines who were extending their stays to continue that training and ensure that things went well despite the risk and the personal costs of so doing. It was more than merely interesting to see Kurds, Sunni, Shia (and others) training and even playing together.

Frankly, this should be a major story of the day, rather than buried as it is. Thanks to those who made it happen, and let us keep those who paid the ultimate price for it in our hearts and minds.