Have You Forgotten?
Soldiers Perform "the Jammous Maneuver"

911 Around the Blogosphere

Our posts are here (about Rick Rescorla) and here.

The Anchoress has a post about Rememberance and Prayers.

Lori Byrd at Wizbang! has a post about where we were on 911 and where we are now as a nation.

Andrea Shea King at Radio Patriot has a post about the Pentagon Memorial.

Brutally Honest has a post about being 3 blocks from the Pentagon when it was hit...

The Bookworm Room has a post in memoriam - also check his links at the end, tributes to a friend on Flight 93 and a FDNY fire fighter.

And here are a few links to friends of ours remembering today:

http://www.mudvillegazette.com/  (multiple, well worth viewing)


And Two from Tammi's World:
http://tammisworld.typepad.com/tammis_world/2008/09/seven-years.html (remembrance)
http://tammisworld.typepad.com/tammis_world/2008/09/thank-you.html (Thanks to those who serve, and paid the price since)