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Why Do You...

In comments and in e-mail, there are sometimes complaints, that I call "Why Do Yous'" The prime one of these, in my experience, is "Why do you keep asking for us to give money to people and organizations?"

Well, Michael Yon has up a post on one reason why we do so. Hurricane Afghanistan details some of the costs associated with doing what he does. When you look at those figures, you get a very good idea of why we often suggest that if you like the reports he does, that Michael Totten does, or the work that organizations like Soldier's Angels do, that you give.

Personally, I think that he is underreporting some of the costs he lists there (he notes that he is not giving detailed costs). It is thanks to Michael that I have my combat insurance (important note here is that he has been extremely helpful to me on my embeds, and helped make my second embed possible), and when you add in the other insurance policies needed, the amounts get a bit steep. Add in the need to replace armor on a regular basis, wear and tear on regular gear and things like computers and cameras (you really don't want to know what basic maintenance on a video camera that has spent time in those conditions costs), communications, and more; well, it is a bit pricey. A corollary to the "Why Do Yous" are the "Why Don't Yous" that generally revolve around why don't you blog and embed full time. I don't because I do know pretty much how much it will cost to do so and keep a roof over Jenny's head while I do so -- and it ain't pretty. Hence the reason I continue to slave at the day job.

So, go take a read and think a bit. Those costs are why we often suggest that if you like the work being done by an individual or organization, that you support them. Even small amounts help all of them, for small amounts add up.

Just a little food for thought this Saturday...

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