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US Troops in Georgia not in Harm's Way...Yet

EUCOM says it has now accounted for all troops in Georgia and that they are not in harm's way as of right now.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - US military trainers based in Georgia are not involved in the hostilities between Russian and Gorgian forces in breakaway South Ossetia, US military officials said Friday.

"They are not involved in any way in this conflict between the Russian military and the Georgian military," said Lieutenant Colonel John Dorrian, a spokesman for the US European Command.

"We have upwards of 100 military trainers who are in Georgia now.  We've been able to account for all of them," he told AFP.

The ground fighting is far away from Tblisi but Georgian officials have claimed that Russian war planes bombed Georgian air bases 25 miles from the Georgian capital of Tblisi.

When you think of a small contingent of 100 US military "Trainers" in a foriegn country, you usually think Special Forces.  This is probably not true in this case.

These trainers are there to conduct pre-deployment training for Georgian troops rotating to Iraq.