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In his speech to the volk throngs of festival goers in Germany, the Obama said that we need to work with the Euros to fight terror. Like most things, Barry assumes that any idea that springs forth from his bountiful brain must be unique and brilliant. Well if he paid a little more attention in his day job he might know we already have deep and strong ties with our friends on the Continent.

Eric Egland has a piece in today's NYT
instructing the junior Senator from Illinois about things that happened in the committee he now heads not long before he joined it.

Fort Leavenworth, Kan.

LAST weekend, Barack Obama dazzled crowds in Europe. Discussing international security, he spoke eloquently about needing an American-European partnership to defeat terrorism.

In Paris, he said that “terrorism cannot be solved by any one country alone,” and that we should establish partnerships. In Berlin, he expressed hope that Europeans and Americans “can join in a new and global partnership to dismantle the networks” of terrorists worldwide.

But there’s one problem. We already have a counterterrorism partnership with the European Union. And it works. Indeed, despite news media caricatures of aggressive Americans feuding with pacifist Europeans, both groups are quite serious about protecting citizens by working together.....

In 2004, J. Cofer Black, the State Department’s coordinator for counterterrorism, testified about the success of these partnerships before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s subcommittee on European affairs. Had Senator Obama, who now heads that subcommittee, read the transcripts from the meeting, which took place before he came to office, or had he held a similar hearing, he might have known that the partnerships he called for last week already exist.

I think it's a little harsh for MAJ Egland to be implying that the Obama should stoop to knowing his source material prior to running his cakehole. Obviously he will simply have the facts amended to match his chosen narrative.